Friday, May 04, 2007

Yamomanem redux

In the spirit of Jazz Fest, going on this very minute in Nawlins.....

I posted months ago about a killer New Orleans-style jazz band I saw at the Wonderland Ballroom. Unfortunately I mispelled their name, which means that the guys in the band I chatted with could never find the pictures I took, since I just told 'em "hey, just google your band and you'll find 'em." I actually wrote down everyone's name and instrument as well as the band name to put with the pictures on this blog, but I think the Bride accidentally threw my little scrap of paper away.

Well, yesterday, Monty Montgomery managed to find this old post from months ago and left me a comment:

Hey man- someone sent me a link to your blog. The band is Yamomanem - Wonderland spells it wrong and we dont care. Stop by and see us again- thanks for the words.
His comment had a link to their MySpace page and I just realized that they played at Wonderland just two days ago and I missed it. And to top it off, the show was dedicated to Hear Mount Pleasant, the group that is trying to bring live music back to Mount Pleasant. For more on that, use the internets. I have no time today.

Go check out their MySpace page and check their show dates. I'll see you at Wonderland June 6.