Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Don Juan in Mount Pleasant: Beautiful new windows

Don Juan.jpg originally uploaded by whiteknuckled.

The Bride and I noticed sometime back that Don Juan replaced their really nasty windows and redid part of the fa├žade sometime over the winter. I was in Mt. Pleasant tonight after work getting some photos for the next Main Street Mount Pleasant newsletter so I grabbed this quick shot. The old windows were so dirty and old you could barely see through them. I wish I had a photo of the old windows. Night and day difference, I tell you...

Be sure to swing by sometime and check out their food. Maybe just a notch below Haydee's but still really good. Last time we ate there, we were the only gringos in the place. While I'm on the subject of Mount Pleasant, if you've never looked at the Mount Pleasant Project, be sure to check out Robert Walton's wonderful photos of a great neighborhood. Really good stuff.

This other picture is just for fun...just got around to uploading it after it sat on my desktop for months. I wonder where she bought the little kid...

ShoppingCart.jpg, originally uploaded by whiteknuckled.