Monday, September 11, 2006


Just a few weeks ago, during our staff retreat, a few of us went out afterwards in Adams Morgan. I ended up getting David to go with me over to Wonderland, since he hadn't been there before. Just as we were getting ready to leave, we went inside to settle up, and heard a band playing upstairs. Turns out it was a New Orleans brass band cranking it out upstairs. David had spent lots of time in New Orleans lately, so we went up to check it out. I'm glad we did.

[band name spelling fixed!] Yamomanem (like, Yo mom and them) were playing some fantastic New Orleans jazz. So we stayed, hung out, took some photos, joined in on the tambourine and cowbell, and generally had a rollickin' good time.

I had been waiting to post these photos, because I had written down the names of all the members, but after coming back, the Bride managed to accidentally misplace the random receipt that i had scrawled it all down on in the dark. (I mean, how could she NOT know that little piece of trash lying on the bookshelf had important information on it, right? Doesn't everyone write down important information on receipts?

Anyway, so here are a few photos of Yamomanem. If you happen to hear of them playing nearby sometime, be sure to stop by, check 'em out, and fill up the tip jar. If any of the band members happen to stumble on this, help me save face and leave your name and instrument in the comments!

Bandleader and sousaphonist Monty Montgomery is at right.