Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unconvenient Convention Center

I was at the shiny new Washington Convention Center last Friday for one of the forums during the Congressional Black Caucus' legislative forum. I had written a speech that I needed to be there to hear. I brought my laptop along to try and get some work done since the forum was going to eat up half of a day when I had some other stuff to do before I could start the weekend.

So I opened up my laptop, figuring there would certainly be a wireless network I could use.

I open up a Safari window and I see this great message:

So our fair convention center doeesn't have any free wireless networks for the thousands of people using it everyday, many from all over the country (or the world). And not only do you have to pay for it, but it's ridiculously expensive. The cheapest you can get a day of usage is $24.95? Are you kiddin' me? And if you need more bandwidth, it's 50 bucks?

What a colossal mistake by the Convention authority. "Welcome to DC. Please empty your pockets (for what is free in other cities.) And enjoy your stay.

Way to go.