Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I nearly dropped the paper when I read this yesterday:

Fred Smoot, less than a role model already (Minnesota Sex Boat scandal), perhaps uttered the dumbest quote of the NFL year so far after the Redskins close win last Sunday. Smoot, apparently forgetting about some guy named "Mike Vick" for the moment, made a less-than-fortunate analogy to the Redskins' ability to finish teams off:

Later, cornerback Fred Smoot grumbled in the locker room that he and his teammates could not keep allowing these games to unravel. "Finish it off" is a phrase the Washington players often use to describe games in which they appear to be in control early. They had come close to not finishing "it off."

"Once you got the dog down you got to kill it," Smoot said.

Uhhh...Fred Smoot everyone! Let's give him a hand!