Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving update

I never thought we'd be this far along after just four days, but we're nearly finished moving.

Courtesy of our gracious new landlords, they let us start moving "some stuff over" on Monday. I don't think they knew we were going to move absolutely everything over during the course of the week, but that's what we've done. After Tuesday, we had piles of stuff in the center of each room, but after he painted the living room on Tuesday, I figured that room was done anyway. So I started organizing and putting things where they go.

Since Monday, we've filled up my truck 8 times, and a friend's car trunk twice on Tuesday when we had help from friends. Not only did this save us the cost of having to rent a moving truck to do it in one day, the place is 3/4 unpacked and settled. Every night this week (except Monday when I just moved everything from the walls), I've taken the Bride back home and then biked back over to arrange the bedroom (Tuesday), arrange and unpack the living room (Wednesday), and put wardrobes together (Wednesday and Thursday).

Wednesday and Thursday, we just took one load in the truck over and then spent the rest of the time unpacking and organizing.

So now we have left: Couch, bed, dresser, dressing table, baker's rack, kitchen table, and bathroom stuff. That's basically it. So instead of a full 14 hour day on Saturday in the heat of packing an entire truck, moving it all into the apartment, and then unpacking in the midst of chaos, we're going to have 2 hours and 2-4 truckloads of big stuff left. That's it.

This is totally the way to move.

I'd post some pictures I took the other night. I found the camera after all, but now I can't find the cable to hook it up!

If we can get some help, we'll move everything but the bed tonight and sleep in a nearly empty house. We have Labor Day off on Monday, and up until yesterday, I figured we were going to be busy unpacking and recovering all day on Monday and not able to enjoy it.

Dude, we're going to be DONE on Monday.

But we might be recovering. Last week (coding and launching the new blog) and then this one at work (three speeches) have been crazy, and I haven't gone to sleep before 1:30 a single day this week after working at the new place late every night.

I think I'm about as tired as I have ever been. I'm totally going on fumes at this point. I'm not actually sure how I'm still sitting upright and getting work done at all.

I'll have some pictures once I find a cord. Later!