Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Circulator in the works?

For one, I love the Circulator buses. They run all the time, and are lower to the ground, efficient, and comfy blah blah blah. I do wish they had bike racks sometimes, though. And that the one around the Mall ran all the time rather than just weekends in the cold months.

Anyway, looks like a new one might be coming our way to a much-needed N/S corridor that will help stadium traffic when the new ballpark opens.

From Jacqueline Dupree's new ballpark blog on the Post:

"And DDOT's Laden also said that an agreement is close to being reached that would add a Circulator bus line linking Union Station, the new U.S. Capitol Visitors Center and the Capitol South and Navy Yard Metro stations, which would give riders direct access to the red, orange, and blue lines without having to change trains at L'Enfant Plaza."