Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats: The Pro-crime, pro-graffiti party in D.C.

Interesting story today about the fledgling Republican Party in D.C. Thought this quote was kind of funny:

  • "'The people I talk to at the door, I find that people sound pretty Republican,' Hammond said. 'They want safe communities that support morals. . . . Right now, we're hoping to clean up the graffiti on North Capitol Street.'"
For me at least, that's why I registered as an independent. Because I haven't chosen yet between whether or not I'm for or against crime and graffiti, Democrat or Republican. Oh, and also because I like for my vote to just be a rubber stamp for whoever won the Democratic primary.

Y'know, since I'm a tax-paying citizen who lives in the U.S., but have no other direct representation to speak of.