Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Time is on my side"

I've got tons to say and no time to say any of it, so I'm taking a break for just a few days. I've had some other non-work related stuff that's come up in the last week and I've been swamped while attending to it. Sound mysterious? It should. But I WILL be taking a break and walking over to the Ice House tonight with a bud...

FYI, Bentonville Clean-up Day this Saturday if anyone is interested. Below is the PDF flyer that's been handed around. It's not too late to come and help out. It may be too late to get a free t-shirt, but not too late to jump on board and help clean up the city. See you there.

Here's the link to the PDF online if the picture is unreadable (try clicking on it first.)