Friday, April 28, 2006

Clean-Up Day Cancelled for April 29th

I received this email a couple of hours ago and wanted to pass the word along in case anyone was planning on showing up tomorrow morning on the Bentonville Square for the City of Bentonville's clean up day:


Because of the threat of severe weather and rain tomorrow. The Keep Bentonville Beautiful Clean Up Day (Saturday April 29th) has been postponed!! The new date for the clean up is next Saturday, May 6th, 2006. Please contact your team members and hopefully everyone can participate next Saturday!!

Thank you!

Annette Brightwell
Special Projects Planner-
City of Bentonville

I'll do a better job this week of posting about the clean up day before May 6th since I didn't give much advance warning this last time. And I'll be back in full force after the weekend, maybe even during the weekend since it's probably going to be raining until Monday. Stay dry...