Monday, April 03, 2006

Eyesore of the Week 040306

So without further ado, let me bring you this week's NW Arkansas eyesore. This is a (rarely) weekly feature chronicling some of the worst buidlings to grace our area as the growth machine and homebuilders association lavishes our area with some terrible architectural disasters. So let's have a big hip hip hooray for the NW Arkansas Homebuilders Association, m'kay?

So i mentioned my mom was in town for the last few days. We went out Sunday morning to take Mom to Cooper Chapel since the last time we tried to go and visit, there was a wedding going on, and we never got to take her inside. So after that, we were driving around Bentonville, and I was showing her down to Lochmoor Club, where someone we know just bought a house. After that, we drove across the street to the Bentonville subdivision with the highest percentage of ugly houses to decent looking ones: St. Valery Downs. If you haven't been there, and want to experience a visual disaster firsthand, take highway 12 south out of Bentonville towards Cave Springs until you see an ugly yellow wall that attempts to protect the viewing public from digesting these disasters.

We saw this house from the back first, which actually looked even worse. We expected a little better when we drove around and saw the front, but obviously, it was not to be. On the way around to see the front, we saw the end with the garage.

Nice. Three different building materials, none of which match, and three garage doors with a completely different style than either of the three previously mentioned materials. Beautiful. Even My mom, whose tastes are certainly a little bit different than that of the Bride and I, hated this one.

The best part, is that St. Valery Downs is FULL of houses nearly as ugly as this one. This one may take the cake, but I could do like eyesores of the week for the next three months all with houses from the same subdivision. The builders probably like to call it a neighborhood or a community, but let's be honest; it's a subdivision.

And with that lasting bit of cynicism, I bid you adieu.

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