Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Things First

After much searching, I finally found a few blogs out there in Northwest Arkansas that are worth keeping up to date with, especially if you like to stay plugged in as I do. (And now maybe I'll have an audience for my downtown Bentonville/sprawl/wal-mart/growth rants.)

Check it:
Andy and Greg have a good thing going over at thefiveforty, (which is of course a reference to Interstate 540, which locals still call the "bypass", even though they're now asking and hoping and praying for a western bypass, which will be sort of a bypass to the bypass. Make sense? Of course it doesn't.) Either way, it's a good daily read on news and happenings in the area.

Matt at Overtaken by Events might be the oldest NWA blogger out there. Well, I'm not saying he's OLD, but he's been at this thing since 2002, which probably makes him the veteran of the bunch.

And there's Rita, who appears to be my neighbor. Perhaps I'll bump into her if the Icehouse ever opens. (Oops, Rita's been at it since 2002 as well. Sorry, neighbor.)

So Andy, Greg, Matt, and Rita, thanks for the props. Right back at'cha.

Back in a few with a REAL post...hopefully...we just went under a tornado watch and it sounds like from the scanner that Gentry is getting hammered right now. So everything is getting unplugged....