Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"I just need a few things..."

A few days ago, the Bride and I went to our gym to work out. We were going to go separate, as she was planning on going to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market afterwards to "pick up a few things" (What's a WM Neighborhood Market? Kind of a regular Wal-Mart. Except with only food. I've always thought the title was a little funny, as it makes one feel like its a Main Street-y sort of place, with the shelves full of fresh produce and perishables from farmers all over the state of Arkansas. Not so much...but I digress.)

We left the gym and she convinced me to just stop by on the store on the way home so we could just get it done. Her reasoning was that "I only need to get a few things." So we could go home and eat dinner just as soon as possible rather than her having to go back out and go to the store later.

What could be the harm, right? After all, we only need to get a "few things."

I learned a valuable lesson that night: Occasionally, people have a different definition of what a "few things" mean. We left the store nearly 25 or 30 minutes later with a cart so full that we couldn't get it all in my truck's toolbox.

The damage: $125.00

"A few things," indeed.