Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another Hole, Another 10 Grand

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I heard just a couple of weeks ago that there was a wreck on N. Main Street in Centerton; somehow involving a big dump truck and a giant wall. Turns out, a dump truck managed to run off a completely straight road and crash into an ugly stone wall that someone spent the better part of a year building to surround the latest crop of expensive ugly houses in Northwest Arkansas. In case you didn't catch it the first time, I wrote about the, ahem, beautiful wall that surrounds the coming subdivision called "Tuscany" at the corner of Highway 72 West and N. Main Street in Centerton:

Have you been searching for the perfect neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas? Are you tired of the rows and rows of look-a-like houses on postage stamp lots? Are you tired of words like "upscale", "distinctive", and "amenity"? Are you looking for that special neighborhood that stands apart from the thousands of others in Bentonville or Rogers?

Then welcome home, friends.

Say hello to the latest in subdivision greatness. Forget using words like modern, postmodern, colonial, mission, or traditional style to describe that sub-di-vision you're looking for. And get used to hearing descriptions like; "hearkens back to that memorable time, when freedom defeated the Nazis, and an entire continent looked forward to rebuilding."

So when the Bride and I were driving out to visit some friends in Centerton recently, we stopped to snap a picture of the damage that the dump truck did.

I, for one, think that they should just leave the giant hole there in the wall. I mean, doens't that enhance the aesthetic vibe that the design-challenged builders/developers are going for? I mean, what's more "Tuscan" or "1945 France" than a giant pile of rubble and a hole in your tediously constructed wall?

Or I guess they could patch it up and just add another $1,000 to the cost of every house. This all makes me feel so inadequate now with my fenceless front and backyard. I mean, people who drive or walk by can just look over and SEE our very house! There's nothing keeping the plebians from seeing our front porch. How dare they!

Long live the Northwest Arkansas Homebuilders Association; promoting un-affordable housing, materials that don't stand up to tornadoes, and houses so ugly that your eyes hurt to look at them.

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