Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We're back live from the scene

I guess I should have followed Carter's lead and just told everyone that I wasn't going to be messing around with any blogging through the Thanksgiving Holidays. Way too much to do. Well, sort of. Lots of football, sitting around, shopping, and fly fishing to be done. (86 the shopping, actually)

I had to work on Thanksgiving, which wasn't bad at all with a mere 6 hour day. That night, we had a house full of people who didn't have anywhere else more meaningful to be for Thanksgiving dinner. Several ounces of wine, pounds of turkey, and hours of Halo later, the Bride and I had a 3 day weekend instead of turkey day off. Which I'll take anytime.

After leaving the Portico on Sunday night, I had this great idea for an entry about the nature of the universe, string theory, what we can know for sure, and the mathematical novel Flatland. But now I'm way too tired to put all of those thoughts together. As soon as I can get my brain to function on that plane, I'll plod through it. (Be sure to read that last link for an insightful analysis of last Sunday's Doubt Night at the Portico...)

Instead of all that serious stuff, I thought I'd just show off some photographs of the scene around Bentonville just a few minutes ago. More importantly, the church in the photo will be home to the Sanctuary, a restaurant that is scheduled to open their doors in just a week or so. They've still got a ways to go, so we'll see if they're ready on time.

Regardless of when they open, we'll soon have 3 new indendently-owned restaurants and a coffee shop downtown by the end of 2005. Which makes for a better 2006 in downtown Bentonville for the Bride and I.

We've already left our addresses at all four establishments so they can just mail our bill each month. It's hard, but we managed to become regulars at restaurants that aren't even opened yet. That's got to be some kind of acheivement.