Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My condolences, sincerely, Ted Turner

I try not to string together too many posts on one topic, keeping everyone on their toes. But this little Braves tidbit was just too good to pass up. (For the record, my brother said that my last entry made his wife cry, and as you can see from the comments below, it also made Momma McNeill shed some tears.)

My mother sent me this following snippet from an email a friend of ours sent to her. It's hilarious, on so many levels.

"Don't know if you remember or not, but our son broke his hand when the Braves lost in '91. He was so frustrated over the loss that he hit his fist on the arm of the sofa. He thought it was heavily padded but there was a board running under the padding and it fractured his fist. The next day we were at the doctor's office for xrays and a cast. We wrote "Go Braves" on the cast and sent a photo to Ted Turner and the Braves organization. We attached a letter that said it was from one of their most faithful fans. We got a letter back from "Ted Turner" that said: "We are in no way responsible for injuries incurred by fans as a result of our loss." They completely missed the point but we got a good laugh. They did, however, enclose some autographed photos of the players :-)"

I wonder if I could somehow document my brittle emotional condition with a photograph and send it to 'em. Maybe I'd get some autographed trading cards from the team. Or with the current ownership, I guess I might receive some AOL cd's like the ones I get in the mail all the time.