Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is it even a race?

I don't have a lot to say today, and it's been such a long week that I've just been too drained to say much of anything. Even though I try to pull myself away, i find myself continually watching CNN with my mouth agape. It's hard to believe that anything else is really worth talking about with that disaster going on.

Even now, I'm sitting here with CNN on while poking through some baseball stats. I was comparing some situational stats for Andruw Jones and Albert Pujols because I was going to make my big push for Andruw for NL MVP. I still have all the arguments worked out in my head, but after my first paragraph, I just don't think I can bring myself to talk about it.

I will say this: I watched the Braves game tonight and watched Andruw hit yet another game-winning RBI. He leads the NL in RBI, leads MLB in HR's, and shook off an early slump to pick up a shaky Braves team with quiet bats, a damaged pitching rotation, and more rookies than have played for the Braves in the last 8 years combined and CARRIED THEM. Yes Pujols is probably the best player in baseball and he plays on a winning team, but the Cards would still be leading the Central without him.

How in the world could Pujols be the MVP if they can win without him? Take Andruw Jones out in May/June/July, and the Braves are 8 games out of the wild card.

Remember, it's the most valuable player, not best player.

Oh yeah, and game winning RBI? He has 18, tied for the major-league lead.

(For a bonus question, can anyone name the last 4 Braves MVP's? That shouldn't be too hard)