Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The moving has begun

Well, I should be in bed now, but I have too much rolling around my brain. Measurements, boxes, furniture alignments, and all that's left won't stop cycling through my gray matter. The moving began on Monday. I guess it really began last Saturday when we started packing what we could fit in a corner of Meridian Place. Our new landlords were kind enough to let us start moving in early, and it's made all the difference in how this process has worked out.

The old tenants moved out the first week of August, and then our landlords went out of town 'til the 11th. I asked if we could get in a day or two early, and it turns out we got a week instead. Mr. Landlord is still painting the walls to make things look fresh, and handling a few other things, but we started taking our stuff over last night.

I tell you what, moving things over in batches during 75 degree evenings sure beats the experience we had last year. Hottest day of the summer, moving in the middle of the day...good night that was terrible.

Last night we started moving, just the two of us, and we got 3 full loads in the truck over, which was a lot of stuff! I did the last load by myself, and it was late enough that parking was terrible here so I had to ferry it halfway down the block to the truck. All our stuff basically got piled up in the center of the rooms over in Mt.P so the walls could still be painted.

Here's what it looked like with the other folks stuff in it:

We'll send pictures after this Saturday when we get all moved in and all.

After last night's tiring work by ourselves, tonight we had help. So thanks Laura, Randall, Yan, and Daniel for all of the great help. You are all good friends and you gave selflessly. We appreciate it.

When we suffered through the moving by ourselves when we got to DC, we comforted ourselves with the knowledge that we'd probably have some friends here by the time we moved again, so all that we brought in by ourselves, would be brought back out with the help of others.

Tomorrow night we're just going over with one load, maybe 2, and then beginning the process of putting things where they go now that walls are painted. We've got our IKEA wardrobes that we've got to put together, and lots of boxes to unpack. There's not a whole lot left to move before we're ready to really get all the way out of here. We'll be moving the bed, couch, and other big stuff over on Saturday, but hopefully finishing in time for the UGA vs. Okie State game later that evening.

Pictures to follow....

If I can find where I packed the camera.