Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The streets are filled with blood and crazy killers! Pictures at 11!

After working (in newspapers) in a tiny media market in middle america and dealing with patently unwatchable local news that even from time to time just read our stories on the air, I was ready to be back in a town where local television journalism was taken seriously and done with excellence.

This is not that town.

The local news here is generally terrible, and there are way too many anchors who talk in "anchor voice" which sounds like me trying to do a really bad imitation of a game show announcer.

Anyway, I noticed this sad story from my neighborhood over the weekend, where apparently a homeless guy got stabbed by someone on 14th Street. Upon opening the link, I was greeted with this "fantastic" image, since they didn't have any video or photos to correlate with the story.

ABC 7: In the future, if you don't have any corresponding pictures, we can do without the blood-filled graphic and "angry" knife-wielding hand, which was probably only Frank the Office Page who got handed a knife and told to "act like you're going to stab someone while we photograph your hand."

You stay classy, San Diego.