Friday, May 11, 2007

Post picks up on the graffiti outbreak

Unfortunately, though, they decide to put a picture of the graffiti in the freaking paper. What were they thinking? They describe what the tags look they think that we need to see "NEHI" or "MAGIC" in living color in a photograph to understand what they look like? I'm glad to see the Post picking up the story and all, but stay away from publishing pictures of the tags, please! If they saw it this morning, I'm sure the offending parties all high-fived each other if they saw their work in the paper today.

The spray-painted tags recently began appearing on buildings, signs and other places in Northwest Washington: a burst of graffiti that has police and other city workers scrambling to keep up.

Magic. Tragic. Nehi. Inca. On block after block, these and other words are scrolled in fancy script two inches tall, blown up in bubble letters or scribbled in a crude style that can be nearly illegible....

When the new, $2.2 million Dance Institute of Washington in Columbia Heights was tagged March 26, the public works department quickly contacted the institute and offered help.

"We have a wall that's 25 feet long. Of that 25 feet, they wrote on 20 feet of it," said Lance Curry, the institute's deputy director. He said the city removed the graffiti April 6.