Thursday, April 05, 2007

Troubles on Morton Street

725 Morton Street photo 5 of 5, originally uploaded by mwray_ch.

I meant to post these last week, but these photos are from Michael, who I know from the Columbia Heights News discussion forum. Apparently this building is over near his place on the east side of CH, and the permits all have a hold on them dating back to 2005. (located here in case you're curious:

It's unsightly, but more importantly, poses a hazard to the neighborhood with all the trash and spaces that are accessible by dealers and users that neighbors and residents can't see and monitor. According to Michael, he's notified Graham and some relief is on the way for neighbors. Here's what Michael has said about it over the last few weeks:

March 26: Does anyone have information about the building on Morton just behind the Murry’s? I’ve just moved to the block and it looks like they were building an apartment complex and stopped. There is plywood blocking off the front of the property, but part of that has come down and anyone can gain access. There is also an abandoned truck on the site that has been destroyed by vandals. Generally, it looks like development gone very wrong. I’m thinking of taking some pictures and sending emails to the city tomorrow, but wanted to see if anyone here has some history or advice. Thanks.

April 5: Yes, DPW removed the truck. DPRA will need to put up a new gate. There was still trash around when I want by last night. There was some talk about why the property did not appear on the tax roles, but they stopped cc'ing me on all the emails after that came up.

I can't tell if this was a new building, or an older one in the middle of some sort of conversion/renovation. It's strange how the front of it is clearly set back a significant distance from the next door buildings. That's pretty odd as Columbia Heights streets go."

Either way, the owners need to clean up the joint and secure the front gate. Here's the link to the permit page on the site. And more photos.

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