Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bike Route to Old Town

A few weeks ago the Bride and I decided to ride our bikes to Old Town, partially for kicks, and partially to see how long it would take her to get all the way to work on her bike. She's talked about doing it, but we figured we'd give it a shot together to see how long it was. We stopped about a dozen times, a few of which were stops of 3-4 minutes, and it still only took us slightly over an hour. And we were riding pretty easy.

She's got a shower in her building, so this may be the way to get exercise each day when the weather is nice. We figure it can be done in closer to 45 minutes riding hard without any stops. Which is just crazy since it takes her about 50 to 55 minutes to walk and take the train (10 min. walk on each end to/from metro stops).

Whenever she moves along, her next job will be in the District.