Thursday, March 29, 2007

Latest DCUSA rendering

I found a copy of the latest rendering of DCUSA. Some people had pointed out that the picture they had been using was the same one for the last 5 years or so. This picture can be found on the Grid Properties site here:

rendering from Grid Properties Inc.

Keeping in mind it's just a developer's rendering, there's a few things worth noting in this picture:

a) The Metro shed isn't visible at the right of the foreground, although I can understand why they'd leave it out since it would obscure the view of the building. But the condo developers always manage to include it in their pictures. It's a selling point for DCUSA as well. At least it should be.

b) Notice the four very mature trees? Uh, yeah, those aren't there right now (although the area sure would look a lot nicer if there were.) I'm sure that they're planning on planting some trees on all the sidewalks once construction is completed, but those will likely be saplings. It'd take 15 years for the trees to look this good. You may remember, don't get me started about trees...

c) Is it just me, or is every single person in the rendering white? It's kinda hard to tell so I could be wrong, but it sure looks that way to me. The future, perhaps?

d) The little red car appears to be headed towards an certain collision with oncoming traffic on Irving. It's going the wrong way. Perhaps the driver's confusion comes from the fact that all of the traffic lights and signage are gone. It's possible.

d) Looks like they've confirmed some other retailers I didn't know about. I'd rather buy my coffee somewhere local and independent (Mayorga or CHC) but I'll take Caribou over Starbucks' bitter dreck across the street anyday.