Monday, December 18, 2006

Jeremy Enigk in D.C.

Jeremy Enigk 1, originally uploaded by whiteknuckled.

I have to remind myself to check venue listings each week to make sure I'm not missing a show that I should be seeing here in D.C. After two years spent living in Arkansas in a town so far off the live music radar map — unless you like crappy college-town cover bands or amateur bluegrass — I forget that nearly all the bands I like will make stops here in D.C., whether at the Verizon Center or at a tiny club on H Street.

Like where I saw Jeremy Enigk just two weeks ago. Just three months after playing D.C. (I missed it because I was still in "Arkansas mode" and didn't hear about it), Jeremy Enigk came back to support his newly-released solo album, World Waits.

The Rock and Roll Hotel is one of a handful of venues in the very happening H Street NE area that some call the Atlas District, though I'm not sure how all the locals feel about that. I should ask Elise from Frozen Tropics about that. Anyway, very cool place, first time I had beeen there. Reminded me of a bunch of the kinds of venues I hung out in high school going to various hardcore and punk rock shows. Except very clean and well-managed.

I went with my friend Taylor and it was a good show all around. Not only did he not play a single Sunny Day Real Estate song (not all that surprising), he didn't play a single Fire Theft song either, which was kind of suprising and a little bit disappointing, though all of his solo stuff is great.

We saw Copeland (from Atlanta) just a few days later, and I just found out that Explosions in the Sky are coming in March for $10! Sick of it All and Hatebreed are playing around Christmas, but we will be in Atlanta and it's $25 anyway.

Actual decent live music. One of the perks of being back in the city. Ahhhhh.....