Sunday, August 13, 2006


So as you can probably guess from the last post, we went to the zoo again yesterday morning. The last time we went there, a) it was hot as blazes, and b) we only got around to half of the zoo before we melted into the pavement. And apparently, the giant pandas are the biggest attraction at the zoo.

Tai Xian, the baby panda, was born a year or two ago, and is in such high demand during the spring and early summer that you have to reserve an appointment to see Tai Xian. The really busy season is over now, and you can show up and see the pandas whenever. Except that they mostly just stay in their little cave and sleep once it gets warm. So we went early in hopes of actually seeing the panda this time. Fortunately, we're only a 5-minute bike ride from the zoo.

We beat the rush and got to see the panda father. It was humorous watching all the parents with kids looking uncomfortable when he turned his back to the crowd and started scratching his butt on the limb.

So the mother and Tai Xian were both sleeping the whole time we were there, but that didn't keep 100's of people from crowding into the tiny viewing area in hopes of a shot.

The weather for the last week has been fantastic. It's hot in the sun, but it's not humid, and as soon as you step into the shade, it's really cool. I think the lows were in the low 60's or high 50's last night. Reminds me of the weather for the first couple of Georgia football games in the fall: cool when you're tailgating in the shade in the morning, but still feels like 95+ in the sun when the game starts.

Makes us both itch for fall to come soon.

Congrats to Carter and Stacey on a successful move. Enjoy the cable, free babysitting, good food, and personal exercise room. And just know that your exercise room is probably the same square footage as our apartlette.