Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life around town

I think things have settled down enough so I can get back to this thing... I'm actually much more busy at work now; so I can't blog while on the job anymore. And now that I spend my entire day at a desk looking at a computer, I'm much less inclined to spend the evening looking at one.

Our Sunday evenings in a nutshell. Down the escalator at 14th and Irving:

Columbia Heights station. Did you know that the Washington Monument would fit laid down inside every vaulted Metro station in DC?

So we found a church that we love already. We made the mistake of singing loudly behind the pastor's wife a few weeks ago, and one week later, we were singing and playing in the worship service. So much for flying under the radar. GraceDC just moved to Calvary Baptist Church in Chinatown, which is this fantastic looking building:

We also went to see the Braves against the Nats last Tuedsay, which turned out to be about the worst game we could have possibly gone to. Pedro Astacio had a no-hititer going through 4.2 and the game was over in just a shade over two hours. Considering we got there about 40 minutes late, we missed like 4 innings. Most baseball games, if you're 40 minutes late, you might have missed the first inning. Not so in this case.

Go to a Nats game, and you've got your pick of seats: