Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beat that dead horse

I've got just a couple more photos of the Terry Block building to share with the very few of you who are interested. I went downtown last week for a rally for a certain mayoral candidate. While I was there, I noticed this sign in front of the Terry Block Building. Yep, Main Street Bentonville. Of which Wal-Mart stores foundation is a member. (can you say "missing the point"????)

While we were there, we bumped into a guy who had just recently gotten a bunch of old Bentonville postcards (including the one in the first Terry Block post) blown up into giant posters for his office. Since I couldn't take it with me, I just took a picture of the giant picture. Here's another great photo of the Terry Block Building from a long time ago when it was useful.

I'm going to a meeting tonight at the Bentonville Community Development Building. It's a public workshop for the Bentonville General Plan that is being drafted over the course of this year. Sort of a master plan for development in the city. Everyone is invited tonight, but I'm hopefully going to be serving on a committee or two tasked with envisioning a certain aspect of the General Plan, like trail development, or the downtown redevelopment district. This should be a lot of fun tonight and I'm looking forward to getting more involved with these sorts of things. Could be in my future hopefully, y'dig?

I got an idea while taking some photos on the square the other day to do a series of photos on here called FourSquare, and show visually what's going on on each side of the square, one side each day. There's only four sides (duh), so it shouldn't take too long. It'll really just hammer my point home about the fact that there is very limited space on the square and for those of us who care about having a vibrant downtown, the Terry Block building is nothing more than a black hole when it comes to use.

On another note, the Bride and I are going to the Sanctuary this Friday night for a delayed Valentine's dinner, (even though we don't celebrate it.) Should be pretty cool. We've been saving for months to be able to afford it; one more reason we're looking forward to the Ice House opening right around the corner. Affordable food and affordable drinks.

Last Saturday, we went to Eureka Springs for a chocolate lover's festival. $10.00 got you all the chocolate you could sample and one small box full to take home. Needless to say, that beat any normal box 'o chocolates that I could have gotten the bride anyway. When we came out of the place, it was snowing, even though there was only like a 10 percent chance of precipitation on Saturday. So of course, it snowed basically all day long, dumping probably and inch or two of snow that was gone by Sunday afternoon. The weathermen here are completely retarded.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with a side-by-side take on the Bentonville square.

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