Thursday, January 26, 2006

Coffee around the block

After just a month or two of waiting, we finally have a coffee shop here in downtown Bentonville! Woo hoo. I almost feel like I'm in a big-time city now. Wait.... nevermind, the feeling passed. I'm pretty sure there was one just a few years ago, but there hasn't been a coffee spot downtown since I moved here nearly two years ago.

Rory and Sue Gorman moved down here from Wisconsin, with the deliberate purpose of coming here to open a coffee shop. As far as why exactly they chose Bentonville from all the small cities in the world, I'm not really sure. Maybe there's some insight here. They've grabbed a great spot downtown, on the end of Main Street closest to us. The spot used to be a Loafin Joes sandwich shop, and before that, was a Daylight Donuts or something like that. I know it was a donut shop. And from what a few people have told me, the shop was around when Sam Walton was still around and he used to be a regular for coffee and donuts from time to time.

They've decorated the entire place with a train station vibe, which sounds more than a little corny, but it works. They've got comfortable furniture, two nooks in the front windows, and wireless internet to come. Needless to say, The Bride and I are more than excited about the shop opening. I was there everyday for the first five days they were open. They close at noon on Saturday, and don't stay open past 5 p.m. (for now), but their coffee is great, the prices are low, and soon, they'll be cooking soups and sandwiches for lunch.

So no thanks to the stupid Bristol and their ridiculously overpriced cuisine (story forthcoming), soon we'll have a place for us normal people to eat lunch downtown. And just around the corner from our house, soon we'll have The Ice House. And I do mean right around the corner. I think even little 'ol me could hit a baseball from my front yard and hit the Ice House. Well, maybe a golf ball.

If I could hit it straight....