Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Cardz

After not doing it last year, the Bride and I decided to send out a Christmas card this year. I remember emailing at least one person and saying "I need your address. Apparently, being married entails Christmas Cards."

I may have sounded less than excited about the whole idea, but actually, I really enjoyed doing it. We saved a great photo from our Chicago trip that we didn't show to anyone when we got home to accompany the letter we both wrote. We spent an hour signing letters and stuffing envelopes and licking envelopes (no Seinfeld-like deaths to report) and listened to Christmas music.

Doing our letter was fun, but the reward really came when I went to the mailbox this afternoon and pulled two Christmas cards out of the mailbox. Now, there was probably a time when we got a lot more personal correspondence, but these days, it seems like mostly bills, student loan crap, and threatening letters from "The Man."

So it's quite a delight to pull 3 items of personal correspondence out of the mailbox, and even more fun to read 'em all. Today, I got to hear from my adopted grandmother in NC, an old friend from high school that I didn't even know was married until two weeks ago, and my brother and sister-in-law and niece. (who wrote the absolute BEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER, accompanied by the COOLEST STAMP EVER!)

So what's the stigma about Christmas Cards? Why do I hear jokes about 'em and lines in movies referring to how lame they are?

I've decided that Christmas Cards are a great thing. Well, as long as you're funny and can write coherent sentences and include a picture. Otherwise, just pitch your crap in the trash can, because we don't want it.