Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Onion

While we were in Chicago a few weeks ago, it reminded me of one of the perks of being in a big city: Being able to pick up the print edition of The Onion and hold it in your hands. Most of the year I'm relegated to keeping up with the fake news by reading it online (or watching the Daily Show).

But on those fantastic occasions where I'm in Chicago or New York City, I can look for those familiar green bins and grab an actual print edition, complete with even some bona fide local content and movie reviews. Totally beats the online version.

Which reminds me, if you like the Onion, you should check out Lark News. Kind of like the Onion, but it makes fun of christian pop culture rather than pop culture at large. Too bad they don't update it nearly as often.

On another note, one of our good friends recently started writing on her own site, so be sure to check out The Quantum Launch. She's a great writer and already has written one of the best things I've read in awhile about the mystery of faith and the fact that most of us believers have spent our life searching for what it seems others seem to experience on a regular basis. Well, at least they claim that they do, leaving most of us to either lie about our own experiences or just be honest and feel inferior because God has never told us anything, and we've spent most of our lives searching in between the lines for his presence.

She's always honest and never afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. To me, at least, her faith is more authentic than many believers I've come across. Doubt, mystery, and uncertainty are all components of her faith. Which are all things that are not the opposite of faith, but rather the means by which we have it. Check it out.