Monday, November 07, 2005

NY Times Article from BoomtownUSA

Jack Schultz posted a great article from the New York Times today on his blog (BoomTown USA) regarding people leaving California and other similar over-inflated housings markets for Midwest suburbs and cities. Interesting stuff.

I'd really like to see someone tie this into the ideas of the Flight of the Creative Class. And into the city-bound movement from the suburbs and exurbs. People wanting a higher standard of living, tired of long commutes, car trips for absolutely everything they need to do, look-a-like houses disconnected from the rest of the towns they live in, etc....

The Bride and I realized on our trip to Chicago that we'll always love visiting places like Chicago and New York and other big cities. But we no longer really want to live in one of those places because they're so big that everything about your life becomes increasingly difficult. It's sort of like a city on steroids. We're looking to move to downtown in a city like Asheville, NC, or Chattanooga, TN, or Roanoke, VA: a medium-sized town where we can have a short walk, bus ride, or walk to work, parks or shops. Not a 50 minute subway ride from a 200 square-foot closet in the NYC Burbs.

A lot of the things we love about Bentonville are things we think we can find elsewhere, but in a slightly larger city with bars and restaurants and arts and culture. Anyway, check out the article. Great stuff.

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