Tuesday, October 25, 2005

glory; there's an apple store


I'm writing this short post from the inside of one of the cooler Apple stores I've ever seen: Right downtown in Chicago on Michigan Avenue just a few blocks away from the river. It's big enough that it takes up two stories and is full of well-dressed, hip-looking, young bucks (like myself) who appreciate the beautiful merger of functional technology with insightful design.

We've had a full day today, and our collective feets are currently killing the each of us. The Bride™ is over at H&M right now, spending some more of her birthday money that she hasn't received yet. H&M was one of our favorite stores, and she shopped there while she was in NYC. There's only a handful and Chicago happened to be one of the cities where they've put one in. I'm sporting some new H&M duds that I picked up the other day.

We made our way to the south side and the Museum of Science and Industry before coming back to the Art Institute. We got there a bit late and the Bride is going out there tomorrow while I'm in Naperville for an, uh...an interview of sorts. We're having a great time in the Windy city, spending tons of times just getting on buses and riding around all of the cool neighborhoods in town.

Hopefully I'll have some more time tonight to fill you in on what's happened. We saw an amazing aerial photo essay in the new Millenium Park downtown that centered on development and progress in the Chicagoland region, including NE Illinois, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin. The city is White Sox crazy and game 3 is tonight. We watched game 2 at a pizza place near the river, yelling and clapping with all of the diehards. We'll probably watch game 3 tonight with my cousins at their place in North Park. We're beat.

Well, i'm off to try and round up the Bride and drag her out of H&M. She only spent 2 hours in there the other night....